Yes, please!

L.O.V.E. this movie.  For reals.  I laughed SO much!  It's been a looong time since I last saw a romantic comedy that I enjoyed this much.  I totally have a girl crush on Ginnifer Goodwin {already did, but now it's official}.  The story is a good one, but the writing is great.  I will definitely read the book this summer.

Two words:  John. Krasinski.  All of the actors were great, and of course, the movie wouldn't have been as magical without Ginnifer's fantasticly cute delivery, BUT.  I never thought I'd meet a John Krasinski character I loved more than Jim.  There.  I said it.  And I supposed there's plenty of Jim in this new character, but he was Hhhhysterical!

It must be said that there is a moral dilemma presented that I know would turn some viewers off.  I thought it was handled honestly.  Making the right choice isn't automatically easier because you're a believer.  Being a believer just makes it easier to see what the "right" choice is.  The characters in the movie probably don't always make the right choices, but it doesn't negate the truth behind the writing and the fact that everyone struggles to make decisions when she knows they will impact the people around her.  For good or bad.

Well, there it is.  I fully support watching this movie.  Over and over.  Have you seen it??  Are you going to see it???  Share your thoughts, ladies!!

P.S.  I totally want to do this dance with a friend.  I think Mary Ellen, given her penchant for cool dance moves, would be a great option.

P.P.S  This is next on my list!

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leanne @ rambling and rumbling said...

Okay, thanks for posting your thoughts about them movie. SO true. And, I think you've convinced me that I like the movie too...I think I was too caught up in how my own story intersects this one to enjoy it. {Make sense?} Loved the writing. Loved the soundtrack. AND...I laughed too. SO enjoyed seeing it with you {that was my fav part}.

AND...I'm reading Water for Elephants now..

Laura Sue Johnson said...

LOVED watching this and giggling with you, friend! And it was SO hard not to tell you about your upcoming surprise party when that opening scene started. I'm glad you decided you liked it. :). How's WfE??


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