i forgot

there were two other videos i meant to post yesterday.

these guys are just ridiculous. i used this video to teach my kids what an allusion is.

this is, without a doubt, my favorite erykah badu song. i've been listening to it for years, but recently re-discovered it when my ipod was on shuffle. :)


as of late

well, there's always something going on, isn't there? i've started my second semester of teaching in north georgia, and it looks like i'm starting to figure it out. i love my school. i am very blessed to be able to say that, and i know it. i have my first honors class, and they're awesome. they're challenging, but in a different way from my other classes. i'm enjoying the new perspective. my other two classes are a lot of fun. i have some great kids this semester. also, i am trying to book invisible children to visit my school, so i'm really excited about the possibilites there.

i found out this week that one of my uncles has inoperable cancer. he lives in florida. i'm not sure if i will get a chance to see him or not. there are lots of things i could say, but i'm not sure where to start. it's not easy though. when i was little he lived on lake lanier. now that i'm up here, it makes me sad that he doesn't live up here anymore.

this week has been very interesting for me in terms of politics. those of you who know me, could probably never say you've had a conversation with me about politics. one reason for that may be that i hate discussing it. but i can't keep from commenting on this week's events. i thought that tuesday was a fantastic day. i want to believe that obama will make good choices for our country. i want to believe that he is an honest man, and that he believes he is making healthy decisions for us all. i couldn't help but feel hopeful on tuesday, watching the inauguration with my students...watching history take place. but i confess, as with every politician, i don't agree with everything obama plans on doing. i'm not going to go into specifics b/c that's not the point. i'm just going to be honest in saying that i know i'm not going to like everything he does, but i do pray that he is wise, steady, and honest.

here is some lighthearted entertainment to lighten the mood.

whenever i need a smile, i check out ps22 and their latest videos. this teacher is getting it right. i don't care who you are. music is the universal language.

don't inarupt. rude.

these next two videos are ridiculous. and no matter how you feel about obama, i think you'll get a kick out of them.


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