Dang, you're old

It was Greg's birthday.  Fun was had by all.

Greg is blessed to have such an awesome wife.  Great job, Jess!


I miss this show

I doubt any of you will know what this is, but there was this show I LOVED to watch back in the fall of '03.  It was only on for a few months, but I would hurry home on Fridays to watch this show (kinda sad admitting that, but it's true).

The Brendan Leonard Show started out as a cable access show put together by, you guessed it, Brendan Leonard and an interesting collection of friends he'd grown up with.  It appeared to me that they were all around the same age - seniors in high school.  Their quirkiness and appreciation for simple (not crass) humor was something I really enjoyed, and their gimmicks reminded me a lot of the ridiculous skits and such we would put together for Young Life clubs each week.

If you've got a few minutes, enjoy the clips.  I hope they brighten your day in a very childlike way.  :)


I wouldn't mind doing these grades

Any teacher (especially an English teacher!) can tell you how hard it is to keep up with grading.  It is a never-ending task that teacher rarely have the time to do during actual school hours.

I read an article on CNN today about Florida teachers grading parents.  Now, ultimately, the teachers are really only offering their opinions, but I cannot deny that if I were given the chance to let parents know, constructively speaking,  how well (or poor) they are doing, I would not turn it down!

Check out this video.  What do YOU think about something like this??


Yes, please!

I am SO excited about these new foundation options!  I've already got my Timewise Luminous Wear Foundation and am loving it!  I was skeptical about the primer, but it really does make a difference!  And finally, I hate putting makeup on using my fingers, so I typically use a sponge, but we all know that a sponge also soaks up some of that product everytime I use it - what a waste!  Now I've got the Liquid Foundation Brush and it's perfect because I use very little product and get a flawless finish every time.

No woman wants to look like she's wearing lots of foundation and makeup - these products are linked to great skincare habits and highlight your natural beauty.  The Luminous-Wear Foundation is best for normal/dry skin, and the Matte-Wear Foundation is best for combination/oily skin.  Who knew you could take care of your skin with makeup?!

These products will NOT be available on my website for ordering until February 1st, BUT if you order any of these with me BEFORE FEB. 1ST  I will give you 25% off of these new products (get yours before everyone else!).  If I have matched your foudation shade in the past, you don't need to worry about figuring out your color for these new foundations - I already know which one is the perfect match for you!

Call or email for your special order today :)


Aslan is near

I felt like these words tied in well with the theme of this blog, so I wanted to share them with you.  I hope that if you're in the middle of your own personal winter that you will trust that it won't be winter forever.  This, of course, reminds me of the Chronicles of Narnia, and how it was always winter, but never Christmas . . .

Be patient.  Aslan is near.  Even if you can't feel him yet . . .


The Nature of Faith
By Winn Colliers


"He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers."

Psalm 1:3 ESV


A CHANGE OF SEASON is about as routine as it gets. Best I know, it has happened four times a year, like clockwork, as long as humans have been able to keep track of such things. But each time winter yields to spring, each time summer whispers to us that fall will soon arrive, nature is telling us a story. Nature is telling us the story of a God who is always creating, always remaking, forever crafting new beginnings. No matter how dry the sultry dog days of summer, no matter how bitter the winter death, new beauty, new life is always coming. It is only a matter of time.

The psalmist echoes the story nature tells. He does not live in denial of the hardship or the scarcity enmeshed with human experience. No collection of writings takes pain and disillusionment more seriously than the Psalms. However, the psalmist knows something else, something more dependable than the certainty of human turmoil. The psalmist knows God; the psalmist knows God's story, that God is always creating, always remaking, forever crafting new beginnings. With God and God's people, there will always be a new season, where life is infused and fruit blossoms. With God, there is always a fresh beginning.


quiet time

I can finally see
That you're right there beside me

I am not my own
Please don't let me go
I desperately need you!


LOVE this idea!

Oh wow.  I feel inspired.  I LOVE the idea of the wrapstation featured above.  It's an old headboard that's been painted and hung on the wall.  I'm definitely going to add this to my list of "someday, this would be cool" for my "someday, i'll have a house" thoughts.

Just thought I'd share!


it snowed. a lot.


WEATHER ALERT!! Snow Sale :)

"Baby it's cold outside!" and I'm here to offer some savings you can access from the warmth of your home!  I hope you enjoy the sale, and if you have any questions please call, text, email or Facebook!

Helpful items this time of the year:
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Mary Kay® Personal Beauty Profiler - this thing is amazing!

  • Ever wonder what skin care products really are the absolute best just for you? 
  • Ever wanted to know what colors are great for you or how to best apply eye makeup? 
  • Does your skin have special needs, and you're not sure which products would really help address the problem? 
Mary Kay just added what we're calling a "Personal Beauty Profiler" and it will help you find the answers to all of these questions!  I can't deny it - it's really helpful!

I've played with it and even learned some for myself.  With just a few clicks you can find out what products are best for your needs.  I encourage you to try it out.  As always, if you would like to try any of these products, let me know!


old furies revisited

I have a habit (unhealthy, probably) of checking the Chatham County Sheriff's website for jail bookings.  I confess I'm looking for former students.  Sometimes I'm able to reach out and have open dialogue and even try to encourage them.  It's sad, but it's one way I try to stay connected.

Today, however, I saw someone's picture that just pissed me off.

 This is Phillip Mitchell.  In order to follow the rest of my blog, you will first need to read this article, which was published in July of 2004.

The rest of this blog is my response to this article.  I originally wrote this in 2004 as a letter to the editor.  It was much shorter.  The paper, naturally, did not publish it because I basically told them their article was total crap.  Seeing Phillip's picture today brought back these feelings of rage.  He paved his road.  I don't feel sorry for him at all.  I hope he figures out how to be responsible someday.  Mostly,  I just want him to figure out that he's beyond all this - God has made him for something better.

There are two sides to every story. Unfortunately, some journalists choose to report only one side of a story. In this case, very few facts were used, and in their place, opinions took precedence. The article “Cast Out” is incredibly narrow-minded and false, and this is my response to such an indolent attempt at journalism.

No one argues that the transition from middle school to high school is an easy one, but most ninth graders do not realize how challenging high school can be. In a letter to next year's freshmen, one of this year's student's wrote, "During the next four years you will be responsible for yourself. For this reason the following phrases will not work: 'I didn't know,' 'I was not here,' and 'You didn't tell me.' It will be your responsibility . . ."

Phillip Mitchell, featured in the article "Cast Out", is not a victim of the system. Phillip did not fail the ninth grade due to a ten-day suspension or because he is a black male. Phillip failed because he was irresponsible- and long before he was suspended. I am one of his ninth grade teachers, and I actually love having Phillip in class. He is polite and has a great sense of humor, but he is also immature and irresponsible. Phillip’s failure is direct result of his own irresponsibility.

One of the biggest issues with this article is the assumption that race has anything to do with failure. The color of one’s skin does not determine success or failure in life. It’s the culture in which one is raised and to which one chooses to ascribe that determines success or failure. When are we going to stop blaming race and circumstances for our problems and dilemmas? It only further alienates us from each other instead of encouraging us all to work together. If this article had been written well, it would focus on the statistics of ALL struggling students in our system instead of just black males. No student should be more important than the other.

Before students reach high school they should own some responsibility for their education and decisions that impact their grades. Does it frustrate teachers when a student misses class due to a suspension? Absolutely. Kids are not being taught at home, however, that when they miss school it is their responsibility to work with the teacher and complete makeup work. I agree that without instruction it is often difficult for the student to keep up. It is also unfair, however, to the twenty-nine other students in the class to lose their valuable instruction time because of another student's misbehavior (which does not apply to Phillip, but to many suspension cases). It disgusts me to suggest that a student failed the entire ninth grade - all six classes - because he was out for ten days. To suggest that none of Phillip’s teachers were interested in helping him improve his grades is beyond absurd. The problem lies, however, in a suspended student’s interest in catching up on work. I had a chronically ill student in the same course as Phillip who missed well over ten days. That same student worked and studied diligently, came to tutorials, completed extra credit, and passed the class on her own effort. She assiduously took advantage of the help offered. There was nothing hindering Phillip from doing the same but himself.

Teachers send notes, letters, and progress reports home and also make phone calls out of concern for their students throughout the school year. It is questionable that concerned and involved parents who are familiar with progress reports and report cards would be surprised at the end of the school year by a failing grade if they are actively communicating with their child and teachers. I sent a letter home informing Phillip's mother of his failing grades in hopes that he would make an effort to improve. All teachers at Windsor hold regular tutorials and have tutorial times posted for the students' convenience. Several struggling students, Phillip included, never attend tutorials even though they know they should go.

The lack of vigilance and concern does not reside in the teacher’s lounge or principal’s office. At some point, a student has to look in the mirror and admit that his grades are a reflection of his character and effort. I did not choose to teach because I had nothing better to do. I am a teacher because I love kids. I reject any suggestion that I’ve done anything opposite of reaching out to my students time and time again to help them succeed.

Here’s the real problem: apathy is a silent killer in today’s classrooms. It is a bacteria which grows underneath desktops, inside of lockers, and on old books. This disease continues to claim our kids' hopes of having healthy, successful, and happy lives. For many young black males, this apathy stems from dreams of making money pimpin' rides, selling drugs, and touring with Lil' Wayne and Jay Z. But this apathy is not just a problem with these boys. What about the other 2/3 of suspensions? ALL of these kids matter regardless of the color of their skin. The truth is that most of these kids have no grip on reality, and no understanding of the value of education. Sure, they are teenagers, but what value system, if any, is being taught in the home?

I wish I had the answers. I am writing because I do not agree with people who blame teachers and administrators for a student's irresponsibility and a parent’s detachment from reality. At some point, students and parents alike need to accept responsibility for their decisions and realize that they cannot blame other people for their mistakes and negligence. More importantly, I do care, contrary to what this petty article suggests, and more than you can imagine.


New Year's Treats

Happy New Year!

Isn't it exciting to start fresh?  I always look forward to it myself.

Well, I've taken a look at all I have in stock with my Mary Kay products, and I've got some treats for you!  These offers will run from January 1st-5th.  Some of the items I'm offering are not offered by the company, so you will need to email or call me with your order so I can take care of you.

Let the shopping begin!!

This is the Cellu-Shape Contouring System.  It's part of the Timewise product line in Mary Kay skincare.  This set includes the Daytime Body Moisturizer and the Nighttime Body Gel.  When used consistently, this set erases cellulite!  In a 12-week clinical study, women saw firmer looking skin, and improvement in elasticity, and smoother-looking skin.  This originally cost $55.  I only have 1 set left, and I'm offering it for $25.   SOLD!!

I have an excess of some of my Mineral Eye Colors, so I'm going to share them with you!  I am offering the following colors at $3.25:  Navy Blue, Sienna, Golden Olive, Vintage Gold, and Sweet Pink.  If you're not sure which color is best for you, let me know and I will help you make the best selection. 

Do you prefer full-coverage with your foundation?  I have 3 foundations that need a good home :).  I have a 100, 104, and a 200.  If you're not sure if any of these are your color, let me know and I can help you decide if it's for you.  These are normally $14, but I'm offering them for $9.


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