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These are currently my favorite 3 commercials. I like sarcasm. I like things that are ridiculous. And I like being a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. :)


almost 30...

it is pretty wild to think how much my life has changed in the last two years. i distinctly remember my birthday two years ago. there's a phone conversation that has stuck with me.

at the time, i was living in savannah. i went downtown to do a little birthday shopping. there was a new jewelry store, so i went in to explore. while there, the phone rang. it was adam, this guy i worked with. he was calling to wish me a happy birthday...even though he had been next door to me all day...*ahem*... i remember he said he was in the grocery store, stocking up with dinner items. i remember wondering why he had really called, that i thought he was cute, and that i would never date him.

well, it's two years later, and adam and i have been married for almost three months. the past few months have been amazing. yes, there have been tears. yes, there has been frustration. yes, i've wanted to kick him in the shin a few times. however, i'm learning. i'm growing. and God is good.

recently i've focused on defining my relationship with God both within our marriage, and as an individual. adam and i have worked together very hard to grow spiritually as a couple. it has been an adjustment to find my own quiet space and time with God, but i'm slowly figuring it out.

we've joined a small group at church, and God's timing is perfect! we're in a newly weds group with two couples and two mentor couples. we really like everyone. i've spent so much time with teenagers i feel like i've forgotten how to relate to adults; i feel socially awkward, but i'm enjoying the group.

jaclyn gave me one of her sewing machines, so i'm soon going to be a domestic quilt-making goddess. right. i'm going to try, anyhow. i've decided to make a t-shirt quilt as my first project. we'll see how that goes...

mary kay. well, i'm trying to stay positive, but i've felt very discouraged with my mary kay business. still praying for that.

well, this past saturday was great. adam had talked about taking me out for a special dinner for my birthday. when we arrived at the restaurant, my good friends greg and jessica were there! i was so surprised and excited - it was a perfect gift. i'm used to planning my own birthday; adam did a fantastic job of making my birthday special.

it has been decided. i'm going to apply for grad school at uga. i hope to start summer of 2011. that's pretty exciting.

last week i was made department head of the English department at school. i def. didn't want it, so please don't congratulate. i haven't finished processing how i feel about this.

back to not grading papers...

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