let the rejoicing begin



Okay!  Here we go!!

A few days ago, I let you know that the Travel-roll up bag was going to be today's Double Deal.


I've decided to help you kick off the holiday shopping season the right way.  


Today, ONLY TODAY,  ALL Mary Kay products are BUY ONE GET ONE 1/2 OFF!!!  

So, what do YOU want?!?!

One lucky shopper will get your 1/2 off item for FREE, but to qualify, you need to leave me a comment telling me what you want for free once you've placed your order.  

Today's Double Deal will run until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.   So, share this AMAZING deal with your friends on Facebook, texts, email, etc.!!

Not sure where to start?  Use the Personal Beauty Profiler  :)

When you're ready to check out online, simply put the code "DoubleDeal001" in the comments section of your order.  I will apply your discount when I process your order.  Thanks so much!!

By the way, with each purchase you make, you're helping me with two goals:
  1. I am saving money to buy a new bed.  I've been sleeping on a mattress and box spring on the floor for 8 years.  It's time.  :)
  2. I'm putting together Travel-roll up bags (filled with products!) to donate to Women's Shelters here in Atlanta for the holiday season.  Everyone in my unit is super excited about this opportunity to serve!!


yes, please

i would like to dine here every night.  you're welcome to join me.  adam will cook for us.  greg will bring the jokes.  josh will take great pictures. and paul will bring his guitar.

double deal - it's coming!!

okay, so i know that many of my readers are also fans of Mary Kay products (if you're not, you will be soon!).  i've decided to hook up my readers with special deals, once a week.  i'm going ahead and giving you a heads up about this, so get excited, ya'll!!

starting this tuesday, i'm going to feature a different product each week that if you buy 1, you get the 2nd half off.  every week, i will feature a different product.  if you have suggestions, don't hesitate to leave comments on the blog - i love hearing from you and want to give YOU want YOU want!

if "double deal tuesday" gets enough business, i'll be able to do a FREE drawing each week for my readers!  how awesome is that?!?!

so, spread the word.  tell your girlfriends, mom, aunt, sister, cousin - you get the idea.  oh, and b/c i love you this much, i'll go ahead and tell you what this week's item is.  are you ready??  it's going to be the travel roll-up bag!! i LOVE this bag, and if you haven't seen it before, i'm telling you, you'll want one!

okay, so, check back here on tuesday and you'll get to order your travel roll-up bag, plus get one 1/2 off for a friend!


i heart this video

you may not know keri hilson, and that's okay. i feel like today's kids don't know much about the people who came before them. i love how this video pays tribute to the beautiful women who entertained crowds before keri's day. the lyrics? eh. some of them are maybe a little questionable, but if she truly is promoting that each woman realizes for herself just how beautiful she is, then i can get on board with that.



i am SUPER excited about this!  just so you know, if you can't make it, i'm also offering 10% off ALL ONLINE ORDERS and phone orders for the day!!  

ps - i'm making these for yummy treats!!


faith in change

okay, so this entry is actually brought to you by relevant magazine.  i get a daily email with a short thought for devotion, and this one in particular really spoke to me.  you know, the title of my blog is "and things change" for a reason.  i'm at a point in life where i feel like things are not only always changing, but there are really big changes being made.  and i'm kinda scared by a lot of them.  to be honest, maybe i've always trusted God b/c i thought i had ______ [insert whatever situation i'm ever in] figured out.  in other words, i don't think i've ever had to trust God as much as i am currently . . . b/c i'm a control freak . . . and a planner . . . and i've always got things figured out . . .

so, i thought i'd share this one with you. it spoke to me, and maybe it will speak to you.  thanks for checking in from time to time :).


the classics


and i already knew this.  and all of my students knew this.  but i hit a new low about two weeks ago.

i have had a very long love affair with the story, les miserables.  back in high school, i was claire danes, so when she starred in the movie production of les mis, i fell in love with it.  it is, by far, my most favorite book in the world.

well, i think it's really important for kids to find books that they can actually enjoy, so once a week we have "reading day" (which has transitioned into "readddddinngggg tiiiiiiiiiiiime" inspired by jersey shore) when the kids read any book they want to.  i try to read occasionally in each class as well because a lot of my students rarely see an adult reading.  i've been working my way through les miserables, and two weeks ago, i finished it at the end of 4th period.  during class changes, two former students came in to visit me before heading to their next class, and they immediately became concerned because i was crying.  well, i admit it, i was crying because i finished the book.  all 1200 pages of super tiny print that i had been reading off and on for the past few years. CRYING.  why?  hmmmm.  because the story was over.  and it was beautiful.  and i was attached to the characters.  i didn't matter that i knew what was going to happen to all of them.  it didn't matter that i knew i was reaching the end of the book and it would end.

i can't really explain it, but i was attached.

there's a ridiculous assortment of "classics" that for one reason or another, i've never read, so i'm working on it.

i've moved on to little women.  even though the 1995 movie is one of my favorites and i've watched it a million times, i've never read the book.  naturally, i'm loving it.  oh, and I AM jo march.  no doubt.

so, what book have you never read that you would like to read?  happy page turning . . .

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