double deal - it's coming!!

okay, so i know that many of my readers are also fans of Mary Kay products (if you're not, you will be soon!).  i've decided to hook up my readers with special deals, once a week.  i'm going ahead and giving you a heads up about this, so get excited, ya'll!!

starting this tuesday, i'm going to feature a different product each week that if you buy 1, you get the 2nd half off.  every week, i will feature a different product.  if you have suggestions, don't hesitate to leave comments on the blog - i love hearing from you and want to give YOU want YOU want!

if "double deal tuesday" gets enough business, i'll be able to do a FREE drawing each week for my readers!  how awesome is that?!?!

so, spread the word.  tell your girlfriends, mom, aunt, sister, cousin - you get the idea.  oh, and b/c i love you this much, i'll go ahead and tell you what this week's item is.  are you ready??  it's going to be the travel roll-up bag!! i LOVE this bag, and if you haven't seen it before, i'm telling you, you'll want one!

okay, so, check back here on tuesday and you'll get to order your travel roll-up bag, plus get one 1/2 off for a friend!

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