who knew?

I am so blessed. I am building my own business - something I never thought I'd be doing - and I'm loving it.

I used to be a total Mary Kay hater. No lie. Whenever I met a woman who said she sold Mary Kay, or I saw one of those pink cars, I thought it was the most superficial, vain thing ever for a woman to do.

So God's teaching me a lesson. And we all know teachers are some of the worst students.

I now consider Mary Kay Ash to be one of my heroes, and I hope I can be more like her. And there are lots of women who feel that way. There are also lots of people who don't understand it, and that's okay. The real truth is this - Mary Kay loved God. She did her best to live her life as a follower of Christ. I think any time someone does that, people are naturally drawn to that person and admire her. Even if they don't understand why, people enjoy being around that person.

Mary Kay, Inc. is based on a simple principle: God first, family second, and career third. I am so thankful to be associated with this company, and I am hoping that this is just the beginning of my Mary Kay career.

I'm learning (again) how to love on people and put others first. Of course I'm excited when I make a sale, but that comes second to helping a woman feel good about herself. Let's be honest - when we feel good about the way we look, we feel better about ourselves and feel more confident. I did a facial and a makeover for a woman a few days ago, and she just couldn't get over it. It instantly boosted her self-esteem, and it felt good knowing that I was able to help her believe that she was (and is!) beautiful.

I hope I'm able to do this for a long time.

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