I miss this show

I doubt any of you will know what this is, but there was this show I LOVED to watch back in the fall of '03.  It was only on for a few months, but I would hurry home on Fridays to watch this show (kinda sad admitting that, but it's true).

The Brendan Leonard Show started out as a cable access show put together by, you guessed it, Brendan Leonard and an interesting collection of friends he'd grown up with.  It appeared to me that they were all around the same age - seniors in high school.  Their quirkiness and appreciation for simple (not crass) humor was something I really enjoyed, and their gimmicks reminded me a lot of the ridiculous skits and such we would put together for Young Life clubs each week.

If you've got a few minutes, enjoy the clips.  I hope they brighten your day in a very childlike way.  :)

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