So many things!

For all three of you who regularly check this thing, I have so much to say!!  Here are my thoughts in absolutely no order whatsoever:
  • I turned 30.  I wanted a surprise party and didn't get one.  Adam has now declared that we are going to celebrate my 30th birthday every year.  I like this plan.
  • I only have twelve days left with my kids at school.  It's incredibly bittersweet.  I broke down crying in 5th period last week b/c it was my last time teaching a particular scene in Romeo and Juliet.  The kids are not happy that I'm leaving and they want me to stay.  Of course, I remind them that they wouldn't have me for 10th grade, but that doesn't seem to matter...  Other kids are fighting over who will get to babysit our kids when we start having babies.  I don't even know what to do with that.
  • I participated in a high school girls-only spa night called "Glow"  - I did facials for the girls and we read through some scripture and talked about purity.  It was AWESOME.  I loved being able to serve in a way that incorporate three of my favorite things:  Jesus, teenagers, and Mary Kay!
  • Speaking of Mary Kay, I have some of the most incredible women on my team!!  I'm so blessed and really trusting God's timing on all of this, and he has provided perfectly.  
  • I'm going on target this month to earn the use of my first free car w/ MK - how crazy is that?!?
  • I was allowed the rare privilege of teaching at our weekly Mary Kay meeting this past Monday.  All the teaching is normally done by our Directors.  I co-taught with my director, Meg, and it was SO much fun!

  • I, like my friend, Kate, am obsessed and can't get enough of the royals!  I definitely woke up at 5:30 last Friday morning {even though I had taken the day off and could have slept in forever} to watch the whole thing.  I sat on the couch in the dark with my laptop as the sun rose outside and watch the fairytale wedding unfold.  And OH!  I couldn't get over the choir - the music was AH-mazing!!  I absolutely cried.  I love, love, love weddings.  Adam thought I needed my head checked.  It was awesome.  Oh, and I might as well confess I spent some time checking out cheap versions of her engagement ring...it is beautiful!
  • So, why did I take that day off?  Well, it wasn't actually to practice my royal wave.  I drove to Savannah {after the wedding festivities, of course} to lead worship for an all-girls weekend retreat.  It was so much fun!  One of the girls, as it turns out, will be going toMilligan in the fall.  Naturally, this girl became my instant favorite {Go Buffs!}.  We had worship on the beach Saturday night.  It had been a long time since I last worshiped under the stars.  God is so good - all the time!

  • H&M has an improved website where you can now navigate all of their new products and it tells you the cost of each item.  It used to drive me crazy that you couldn't search their site for their new stuff {still drives me crazy that you can't just order from the site, but whatever}.  H&M always has cute and affordable items.  I'm pretty spoiled living twenty minutes from the nearest location.  I wish Anthropolgie were that close to me . . . then again, that would only be trouble . . . Anyhow, here's my favorite pick today from H&M: 
  • I got an iPad.  1st generation, used.  My brother-in-law, who is a professional cool kid, upgraded to and iPad 2, so we were able to afford-ably purchase his first one.  And not for nothing, b/c my laptop has basically crapped out, so we were in need of a relatively easy fix.  I have no clue how to work it, but it's fun to play with! {twss, for all you Office fans out there}

  • And finally, I have to say that I'm super excited about this coming Friday night - LeAnne and I are going to PF Chang's for dinner {she's never been!} and then we're going to see Something Borrowed.  It should be the perfect girls night!  I will let you know what we thought of the movie.  The first time I ever went to a PF Chang's was actually in Oklahoma when I was visiting my friend,Josh.  We, along with his parents, were going out for dinner on my first night there, and they all let me order first since I was the guest.  Well, the waitress asked for my drink order and I very naturally started, "Oh, Sweet ... I mean, uh.... Diet Coke?"  Totally forgot I wasn't in sweet tea land anymore.  And I have to share one more story - I love going to movies with LeAnne.  My absolute FAVORITE moment with her was when we went to see The Holiday a few years back.  We were both ridiculously single, so we always counted on each other as a date for the latest romantic comedy.  Well, in the first five minutes of the movie we meet Rose, who is hopelessly in love with a man who, of course, does not love her back.  She goes home, alone, after finding out the man she loves is engaged to someone else and she's sobbing her little heart out when LeAnne announces in the theatre, "I did NOT pay to come watch my own life in a movie!!"  I about died.  It was so funny!  Well, it's fun to look back on now that we're both happily married to great guys.
Well, I'm sure I'll have plenty say after the next few weeks.  Pray I handle the transition of leaving teaching well.  It's gonna be tough!

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heather ryan morse said...

the leaving teaching thing was such a relief in the first year of being gone..after i got a routine down..it took a month or so to figure out what to do..but then I got it and It was so nice to set my own schedule and be in charge of all of the chores around the house and around town that never got done well. The second year was a little harder..when I didn't remember as clearly the reasons why I left..and started mourning my students and the tangible ways that I was able to reach out to them..it can feel isolating to not have that measurable project. ie. when someone asks "what do you do?" you can't say, "i effect the lives of 25 kids every year..by teaching school.." I would say, "i am the manager of our home..which is so valuable in the Lord's eyes (prov 31:10-31) but not in the worlds eyes. or in your case, "I am in charge of my own business" (sounds a little more acceptable to the world)..

year 3 was easier..i had settled in..gotten a handle on the pace of it all. and a vision for what the Lord had for me in all of this..and now I am really just thankful that I get the opportunity to do what i do.

anyways, i will be praying. let me know if you ever want to chat. COME VISIT, TOO!!!

Kathryn said...

Wait, quiting teaching? Did I miss a post? Are you doing MK full time??

Laura Sue Johnson said...

Kathryn, Yes, I will not be teaching after this year. I am currently working on becoming a Sales Director with Mary Kay and will be doing that full-time. I'm excited to be my own boss and work from home. We want to start a family soon, and it will benefit us much more financially for me to be full-time with Mary Kay. I NEVER thought that something like MK would be for me, but it is such an incredible opportunity - I'm very thankful that God placed this in my life! Their values are God first, family second, and career third - it doesn't better than that!

Laura Sue Johnson said...

Heather, thanks so much for your encouragement and honesty! I'm nervous about leaving, but I also trust that this is what God has placed in my path. I know I still need to visit. I will finally have time this summer! :)


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