stone mountain on a rainy day...

we went to stone mountain this past saturday.  it was awesome.  we ate a yummy lunch and hiked a nature trail.  it was very simple, but perfect.

ls: you look pensive.
a: damn. i was going for thoughtful.

watch out for the tiger

we each made a yawp in the woods.  if you're not a walt whitman or dead poets fan, don't worry about it. (apparently i can't flip videos on my computer like i can pics, so sideways video will have to do.)

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Kate G. said...

O...M...G. So I was checking out your blog and noticed your WEIGHT LOSS tracker! Not to be confused with a PREGNANCY tracker you see on all the mommy blogs. And I though, "oh Lord, I hope I didn't tell her 'congrats on the baby' last time I commented," and sure enough I did. Shoot.

Sorry girl. I officially don't think your pregnant anymore... Congrats on the weight LOSS. :)


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