did you do something to your face?

"did you do something to your face?"

this is a question my friend josh asked me after not seeing me for a month. i had decided i was going to get healthier and lose some weight, and i did. i lost almost 30 pounds in the first two months of this particular cycle of "i want to get fit"....

it's definitely time again.

here's me on my 20th bday ----->

i would really like to be near this weight again. (don't worry, adam. as much as i loved it, i'm not going to back to red hair)

i miss feeling healthy. i miss feeling comfortable in my own skin.

a new school year is around the corner, so it's a good time to start something new.

here's to another 30 pounds off... wish me luck.

3 say sos:

lgk said...

Here's to LOTS of luck and discipline!! Look forward to reading more about your success.

laura sue johnson said...

thanks, girl!!!

heather ryan morse said...

would love to read all about it..i love encouraging folks toward healthiness :) you look fab by the way...all the time!! but i totally know what you mean about wanting to feel comfortable in your own skin. cheers! (with a cherry coke zero with lime)


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